NUS Administration Services

The NUS administration department will assist you with compliance requirements, accounting and document preparation. Our document requirements along with some of our general guidelines are listed below.

TPA/Producer Documents:

  • TPA Questionnaire in any industry format (new TPA’s)
  • Current TPA License
  • Current E&O and Fidelity Bond
  • Current Agent License
  • NUS/Carrier Agent Appointment Application

Sold Case Documents:

  • Application for Excess Loss Insurance (within 30 days) requires signature of employer and agent of record
  • 1st Months Premium (within 30 days)
  • Policy Schedule Pages (within 30 days) requires signature of employer
  • Eligibility Listing/Census (within 30 days)
  • Plan Document (within 90 days) requires signature of employer
  • Signed Acceptance and Signed Disclosure

Stop Loss Policy Administration:

  • NUS issues all new and renewal stop loss policies and related amendments. Amendments must be approved by NUS prior to the effective date. Upon approval, NUS will issue an acceptance letter.

Premium Accounting:

  • Monthly premium and remittance forms are due by end of month for each group
  • Premium adjustments may be made up to 6 months for an active group and 3 months for a terminated group

We can also help you with special compliance requests such as 5500 preparation, tax i.d. information and compensation reporting.