Claim Guidelines

National Underwriting Services, Inc. has a wonderful team of professional and knowledgeable claims personnel, with a diverse background and many years of experience, available to help you file your specific and aggregate claims. We are dedicated to reviewing, auditing and handling your claims in less than 10 business days. Our team is ready to assist you with out of network claims and claims with questionable charges.

We want to help you manage ongoing treatment plans involving dialysis, chemotherapy, infusion therapy, etc. If you need assistance in finding transplant networks or negotiating a one-time case rate, our claims personnel will assist you in initiating a referral to the appropriate vendor. Our team is prepared to help you understand our needs when it comes to notification of high dollar claims, and just as importantly, we want to understand how you handle claims and work with your team and vendors in containing high dollar claims. It is only when both our teams work closely together that we can achieve exceptional results for your clients.

NUS 50% and Specific Claim Form

Aggregate Reimbursement Form

Claim Eligibility Questionnaire

Monthly Aggregate Form

Claims Administration Manual