NUS is able to offer an array of stop loss and ancillary products. Combined with these products, our experienced staff can provide you with creative solutions tailored to your unique needs.

For stop loss products, the minimum specific deductible is $25,000 (any lower requires single-case approval), and the minimum number of employees is 51.

Traditional Stop Loss Coverage:

NUS underwrites groups that are currently self-funded or fully insured when experience or rate history is available. Please refer to the Underwriting section for the RFP information required to process quotes.

Medicare Reference Based Pricing (MRBP):

NUS was an early pioneer in developing a state of the art underwriting platform for MRBP plan designs, direct contract and limited network arrangements. Our team has a great deal of experience and success in helping employers achieve optimal claim results and employee satisfaction. NUS works with partners that will assist you with plan document design, claim re-pricing and patient advocacy.

Minimum Essential Coverage and Minimum Value Plans:

NUS underwrites aggregate only Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) and specific and aggregate coverage for Minimum Value Plans (MVP) with limited hospital coverage.

Captive Underwriting:

NUS underwrites on behalf of captive risk arrangements and has the capability to administer their complex accounting and reporting requirements.