The NUS Underwriting team is ready to help you develop a stop loss solution to meet your customer’s specific needs. Whether it be a traditional or captive arrangement, we are experienced in underwriting an array of stop loss plan options including, traditional, Medicare Reference Based Pricing, MEC and MVP.

Once you become an approved producer, you will have direct access to our underwriting team. Quotes will be sent to you based upon your requested policy features and rfp information.

  • $25,000 Minimum Specific
  • Medicare/Reference Based Underwriting
  • 51 Lives and Up
  • Terminal Liability
  • Specific Advance Funding
  • No Laser & Renewal Cap Options
  • Monthly Aggregate Accommodations
  • Aggregated Specific Deductibles
RFP Information
  •  Employer Name & Locations
  •  Employer SIC Code
  •  Excel Census by Location & Plan Options
  •  Specific Deductible (current and proposed)
  •  Contract Basis (current and proposed)
  •  Current Rates and Factors (Renewal if available)
  •  Current and Proposed Benefits
  •  Current and Proposed Cost Containment Vendors
  •  Current PPO Savings Report
  •  Proposed PPO Information
  •  2-3 Years Claims Experience
  •  Claim Details at or Expected to Exceed 50% of Specific Deductible
  •  Trigger Diagnosis Claims Details